MultiSplitter 1.4

MultiSplitter shares a webcam to many applications at once
1.4 (See all)

Your webcam is available to only one program at the same time. Multisplitter (Freeware) solves this problem and shares the livestream to all programs simultaniously, without any limitations. Multisplitter is slim, with a simple user interface, serves only one purpose and uses a minimum of your computers resources. Freeare for Windows. Stay up to date with the autoupdate function. Special settings like video source, resolution, framerate (FPS), cropping (letterbox and cover) or the extended settings of the webcam driver can be adjusted by you. Multisplitter is availiable in english or german and can be used with all windows versions since Windows Vista. Advertising popups or banner are not included. No changes are made to your browser nor does it manipulate any other applications. To use MultiSplitter in the most confinient way, active the autostart feature.

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